Eteronimo – when word becomes pixel

Composed by the activist poet Marina Mara and the video artist Jackson Marinho, the audiovisual performance Eteronym – When the Word becomes Pixel ” experiences the transversality between spoken poetry, written poetry and the audiovisual. Through voice recognition technology, video projections display animated and mixed texts in real time. Among the poems of Marina Mara presented are Pepper Spray , BALAIO RAM , Honestino and Connection by the sea .

The performance uses speech recognition technology to convert spoken poetry into written poetry. While Marina Mara speaks, the tool continuously transcribes the words in texts displayed in video projection. In this way, the visualization of the sound word mediated by digital technologies transforms spoken poetry into written poetry. During the performance audiovisual, the visual elements live are manipulated. So, under visual effects the spoken word becomes pixel , it turns into video, it becomes ether.