Police Criminal Dog Dentist

Police, Criminal, Dog, Dentist, in- spired by the song of the same title by composer Sérgio Sam- paio. On exhibit at the National Museum of the Republic of Brazil, the audiovisual installation allows the public to engage in audio- visual mixing by touching metal objects. Entirely construct- ed with open source technologies, the work converts ready- mades like pans and buckets into media instruments that act upon sound and video projection in real time.

The project arises from the desire to design customized interfaces for audiovisual control in interactive installations. The installation experiments with unconventional interaction models with the use of metal scraps, they are ready mades like pot, bicycle wheel, sink and basin converted into tangible interfaces that act on sound and video projection in real time. The exhibition of the same name was held by the artists Fernando Aquino, Jackson Marinho, Márcio H Motta and Mateus Carvalho.